Memberships and Affiliations

Industry Memberships and Affiliations

Our staff participate and contribute to Natural and Cultural Heritage associations and professional bodies by:

  • Undertaking pro-bono work for various organisations
  • Providing ongoing sponsorship and support for postgraduate students (e.g. honours and PhD candidates) at universities
  • Regularly presenting at, and sponsoring relevant conferences, professional workshops, and information seminars
  • Knowledge sharing, active on-ground participation and
  • Mentoring and training of peers and the broader community in our chosen professions
We are members and affiliated with:



Australasian Bat Society

Australasia Wildlife Management Society

Australia New Guinea Fishes Association (Qld, Vic)

Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Entomological Society

Australian Network for Plant Conservation

Australian Rangeland Society

Australian Society of Limnology

Australian Society for Comparative Physiology

Australian Society of Herpetologists

Australian Native Orchid Society

Australian Water Association

Banksia Foundation

Birds Queensland

BirdLife Australia

Cooperative Research Centre for Invasive Species

Ecological Society of Australia

Entomological Society of Victoria Inc.

Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand

Field Naturalists Club of Victoria

Geelong Field Naturalist Club

Geological Society of Australia

Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association

International Society for Ecological Restoration

Pipeline, Plant and Offshore

Queensland Environmental Law Association

Queensland Frog Society

Royal Zoological Society of Australia

STIPA Native Grasses Association

The Australian Herpetological Society

The Australian Mammal Society

The Environmental Defenders (Qld)

The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Inc.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia

Trust for Nature

Victorian Frog Group

Victorian National Parks Association


Cultural Heritage

Australian Archaeological Association

Australasian Society of Historical Archaeology

Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology

Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (several of our Archaeologists are members of AACAI) 

Flinders University of South Australia and Industry Advisory Panel of Cultural Heritage

International Council on Monuments and Sites

The Anthropological Society of South Australia (Inc.)

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