We provide service to address the needs of clients across a range of industries throughout Australia. With a long history of providing pragmatic solutions in natural and cultural heritage for private and public clients in a diversity of industries. We have an intimate knowledge of the environment and local communities, demonstrated experience of the primary drivers and legislative and policy framework in the industries we service, and highly skilled professionals recognised in particular industries where they provide comprehensive natural and cultural heritage services.


A selection of high profile projects across several industries that we have had significant involvement in, including the completion of detailed investigations for Environment Effects Statements, include:


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A selection of Industry Partners

    • Catchment Management Authorities
    • Electricity and Utility Providers
    • Government Agencies
    • Land Managers
    • Landscape Architects
    • Lawyers
    • Oil, Gas and Mining Companies
    • Private Landowners
    • Property Developers (Residential, Commercial and Industrial)
    • Road and Rail Authorities
    • Renewable Energy Companies
    • Urban Design and Town Planning Firms
    • Water Authorities


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