Senior Management

Rick Bullers

Geelong Resource Manager, Principal Heritage Advisor

Rick is based in our Geelong office and has more than 22 years' experience in cultural and natural heritage management. With postgraduate archaeological qualifications, he has been working as a cultural heritage advisor, consultant since 2007, and his skills span the whole range of Australian archaeology (Aboriginal, historical and maritime).

Rick has managed numerous Aboriginal, historical and maritime heritage projects for a variety of clients and developments within Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia including:

Heritage assessments and/or excavations for linear construction projects such as:

  • Large-scale linear infrastructure including roads, freeways, railways, pipelines, sewerage lines and transmission lines
  • Large area heritage assessments for Greenfield developments (e.g. Precinct Structure Plans, residential subdivision, wind farms and mining operations)
  • Cultural heritage assessments and cultural heritage management plans for large Department of Defence sites

Rick is experienced in:

  • Project management and peer reviews
  • Background research and due diligence assessments
  • Dry stone wall assessment, archival recording and Conservation Management Plans
  • Archaeological survey
  • Subsurface testing and salvage excavation
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal site identification, recording and photography, site significance assessment
  • Development of recommendations to mitigate the impact of development upon Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal historical heritage
  • Flaked stone artefact and historical artefact recording and interpretation
  • Communication and consultation with regulatory bodies (Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and Heritage Victoria), clients, landowners, Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) and community representatives
  • Preparation of conservation management plans
  • Historical and Maritime Heritage Assessments
  • Obtaining approvals for desktop, standard and complex Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans

As a maritime archaeologist, Rick has extensive experience in assessing, recording and excavating maritime infrastructure (wharves, jetties, etc.) and shipwrecks throughout South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Rick has published the results of archaeological and historical investigations in several national and international peer-reviewed journals and monographs, including the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, the Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, The Great Circle (journal of the Australian Association for Maritime History) and the Papers and Proceedings of the Tasmanian Historical Society, and peer-reviewed monographs published by Flinders University.

For assistance on projects around the Geelong region and throughout western and south western Victoria contact Rick Bullers on 0400 990 887 or email
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