Gippsland's Unique Biodiversity: Marc Freestone on ABC Gippsland

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Botanist, Marc Freestone in Gippsland
Botanist, Marc Freestone in Gippsland

Botanist, Marc Freestone presents a regular monthly segment with ABC Gippsland's Sian Gard, where he provides commentary on the unique and fascinating floral diversity you're likely to discover in the Gippsland region.

Born and raised in Gippsland, it was inevitable that Marc would develop a special interest and passion for the flora and fauna of the region. Now, he shares his passion with fellow enthusiasts, as he explores the region's plant life month by month. 

Now that it is Spring, the wattles of Gippsland are out and flowering and were the focus for his first radio segment. Marc looked at some of Gippsland’s rare and unique wattles, such as the Limestone Blue Wattle Acacia caerulescens, which occurs only in Gippsland.

You can tune into Marc's Freestone's Gippsland segment on:

Gippsland Wattles (duration approx. 10 mins)

Gippsland Plains (duration approx. 10mins)


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