Changes to Aboriginal Heritage Act Come into Effect

From Monday 1 August 2016 the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016 is in effect. We urge all clients operating in Victoria to stay abreast of these significant changes.

From this date a range of new fees and penalties, changes to accessing the Register and a voluntary new Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT) are in place.

For Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP) in place or being undertaken prior to 1 August 2016, the Plan is subject to the earlier Act (Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006) and underlying regulations.

As a reminder, the amendments broadly include:

-  New agreements for managing public land
-  New rules and charges for access to the Register
-  New regime for protecting cultural knowledge including intangible heritage
-  New enforcement powers and structures for Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs)
-  New Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT)
-  New fees for lodging forms and AV to charge to evaluate a CHMP
-  Many new penalties (especially regarding non-compliance with a CHMP).

How can I learn more about the changes?

1. We will distribute further information once the details are available. If you are not receiving our alerts, please subscribe here.

2. In association with our industry partners, we are offering information sessions about the changes and their implications. Contact us if you are interested in attending any sessions.

3. If you have further questions regarding the effect on your cultural heritage management obligations, please contact us on 1300 839 325 or





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