Permanent Connection to DN1800 Bulk Water Supply Pipeline

Googong Bulk Water Offtake

Photo: (left) Richard Sharp, Senior Consultant, Environment and Infrastructure, Ecology and Heritage Partners congratulates Michael Fields (right) from Guideline ACT

We congratulate Googong Township Pty Ltd who with the support of Guideline ACT Pty Ltd and Icon Water Limited, successfully completed a DN450 offtake cut into the DN1800 bulk water supply pipeline. The new pipeline connects to the Bulk water pump station suction main to enable drinking water to be supplied the new township of Googong when needed.

During the construction phase of this project our staff member Richard Sharp (Senior Consultant, Environment and Infrastructure) supervised the implementation of all environmental management plans and monitoring programs. This included providing the project team with recommendations on the appropriate steps to be taken to avoid or minimise unintended or adverse environmental impacts during construction.

If you are interested in viewing further construction related images of this potentially award winning Googong Bulk Water Offtake project they can be found here (scroll to the bottom of the page).


For further information on the management and control of the environmental aspects throughout the construction phase of a project contact us in our Canberra office on 0457-303-596, Melbourne office on 03-9377-0100 or

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