ACT Environmental Offsets Calculator

Trained to provide specialist advice on environmental offsets

The ACT Government recently held its inaugural offsets calculator training course for environmental professionals. The training ensures impact assessment practitioners are familiar with the methodologies for calculating offsets.

Our Canberra staff attended the course and the environmental offsets calculator (developed by the ACT Government) will provide a rigorous, consistent and credible means of assessing relative biodiversity values of future major infrastructure projects in the ACT.

An important element of the calculator is that it specifies which species must be surveyed for a particular location, the survey methods that must be employed, and defines which habitats are of importance that in most circumstances will be inappropriate to damage or destroy.

The ACT Government considers that the benefit of using the environmental offsets calculator is that a range of thresholds for individual species have been built into the methodology, which simplifies the assessment process.


For further assistance and advice on the calculation of environmental, biodiversity offsets contact us on (03) 9377 0100 or

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