Hornsdale Wind Farm Wins ACT Wind Energy Auction

Playing a critical role as part of the construction of the Hornsdale Wind Farm

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Hornsdale Wind Farm located north of Jamestown in South Australia, is one of the three successful winners of the ACT government's 200MW wind energy auction. Announced by the Minister for the Environment, Simon Corbell MLA in early February, the wind farm is owned by French renewable energy group Neoen and Australian Megawatt Capital Investments.

With the first tranche expected to be constructed by the end of 2016, our specialist consultants in environment and infrastructure will be working closely with Neoen preparing the Construction Environmental Management Plans.

This is an exciting opportunity for the renewable energy sector in the ACT, as the wind industry has been at a standstill for the past two years. The first tranche will deliver close to 20% of the ACT electricity needs for 20 years following the commissioning of the project.

Franck Woitiez, Managing Director of Neoen Australia, commented that:

Hornsdale will deliver a substantial contribution to the achievement of the ACT's 90% renewable energy target. It will reinforce and extend Canberra's position as the renewable energy capital of Australia..."

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