Reforming the Nature Conservation Act: Seminar Recap

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) South East Queensland Division held an afternoon seminar on 15 June 2016 to come up with a list of proposed reforms to the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NC Act). The seminar was an opportunity for EIANZ members to put forward their views about wildlife management under the NC Act, subordinate regulations and how they would change the framework. Speakers and highlights included:

  • G​​​eoff Clare, Deputy Director-General, Conservation and Sustainability Services, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP). Geoff spoke to us about the impending review of the Regulations under the NC Act (see next article) and other initiatives that the Department is embarking on including, satellite tracking of Little Red Flying-foxes Pteropus scapulatus and increased funding for monitoring of crocodile populations.

  • David Francis, Principal Environmental Scientist at Cardno. David gave a comprehensive review of the Protected Plant regime and issues with flora surveys within High Risk Areas. He articulated several ideas to reform the regime to reduce the issues faced by practitioners, whilst maintaining protection and conservation of threatened flora species.

  • Aaron Organ, Director / Principal Ecologist, Ecology and Heritage Partners. Aaron provided a beginner’s guide to the assessment and management of protected flora and fauna in Victoria and particularly within the Melbourne Growth Area.  It was clear from the questions generated after Aaron’s session that people were thinking about the Victorian process and how Queensland could implement similar ideas.

The seminar concluded with a panel session and workshop, where people put forward their ideas for reform and were then recorded for inclusion into a future submission to the DEHP.


If you have any ideas for reform of the Nature Conservation Act 1992 or concerns regarding the impact on your projects, please contact us on 
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