Review of Victorian Heritage Act 1995

This year marks the 20th year of the Victorian Heritage Act's operation, and the Victorian Government decided to review and modernise the Heritage Act's scope.

Anchor off the ship wreck coast of VictoriaHistorical homestead in country Victoria
‚ÄčPhoto: (left) Historical anchor off the Shipwreck coast, Victoria. (right) Historical homestead in country Victoria

Recently the call from Government for public feedback and ideas
on how to further shape and improve the Heritage Act was closed (31 August 2015). As soon as we hear anything on the updates to the Act, we'll ensure you that you are informed via one of our regular e-communication alerts.

Heritage Victoria

For information regarding the Victorian Heritage Act review and discussion paper visit the Heritage Victoria's website.


If you would like speak with one of our key Historical Heritage Advisors, Oona Nicolson, Rick Bullers or Alison O'Connor contact us on 03-9377-0100 or 

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