Spiny Rice-Flower Surveys Are Now Due

Book Now and Stay Compliant

Spiny Rice-flower populations around greater Melbourne are starting to flower. This means you have a small window of opportunity to schedule your seasonally dependant targeted surveys for the species.

To ensure compliance with Victorian and Commonwealth regulations, proponents with identified Spiny Rice-flower presence, or suitable habitat are required to complete targeted surveys during the flowering season.

Why are surveys required for the Spiny Rice-flower?

Spiny Rice-flower Pimelea spinescens subsp. spinescens is listed as Critically Endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and is listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1998. The species is also listed as Endangered under the Advisory List of Rare and Threatened Plants in Victoria. 

What do they look like?

As shown in the accompanying photo, Spiny Rice-flower is a perennial shrub with spine-tipped stems to 30 cm long. Its small leaves are approximately 2-10 mm long and 1-3 mm wide. Small, pale yellow flowers are produced between April and August.

Although it is present all-year round, the Spiny Rice-flower can be highly inconspicuous when not in flower, and difficult to accurately determine the presence and abundance outside of the flowering season. This is why it's essential to conduct surveys during the flowering season.

How do I know if a survey is required?

Spiny Rice-flower were once widely distributed throughout Victoria’s north and west. If suitable habitat previous records of the species has been identified within or nearby to your site, you should liaise with your ecological consultant to determine whether a survey is required to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

What happens if a survey is not completed?

If seasonal surveys are not undertaken to quantify the presence or otherwise of Spiny Rice-flower within areas of suitable habitat, the proponent risks significant time delays achieving project approvals.

Further, these surveys reduce the risk of being subject to enforcement proceedings at a State and Commonwealth level should development occur without consideration of Spiny Rice-flower implications.

How can I book a survey?

Contact our Spiny Rice-flower experts on 1800 839 325 for further information or to book a survey.

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