Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater Surveys - 2015

Image Ecology and Heritage Partners: Swift Parrot feeding on flowering eucalypts
Ecology and Heritage Partners image: Swift Parrot Lathamus discolor feeding on flowering Eucalypts

This weekend (1-2 August 2015) our staff (Marc Freestone, Tom Schmidt) will be out in country Victoria as volunteers conducting surveys of the threatened Swift Parrot Lathamus discolor and Regent Honeyeater Anthochaera Phrygia.

Each year in May and August numerous sites across Victoria, Canberra, New South Wales and Queensland are covered by volunteers who count, compare numbers and assist in reporting findings of the species.

Survey results from May 2015 showed low numbers of both species: <150 Swift Parrots (compared to 1200 in May 2014) and 10 Regent Honeyeaters (compared to 24 in May 2014).

According to Birdlife Victoria (survey organisers), '... the numbers were disappointing, as there has been plenty of food resources (blossoming eucalypts) and improved habitat conditions since 2014. It is possible that the more widespread blossoming of Eucalypts has made it more difficult to locate the birds.'

Marc and Tom are both passionate birdwatchers, and are eager to record accurate information regarding the species' population and movements. This long-term information is critical to ensure measures are in place for the species' ongoing protection.


For further information on this weekend's surveys, and/or regarding other threatened species surveys our consultants are currently undertaking please contact us on (03) 9377 0100 or

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