Advanced Environmental Offsets under the EPBC Act

Draft Policy Statement for public comment

Draft Policy Statement: Advanced environmental offsets under the EPBC Act

The Department of the Environment (DoE) is seeking public comment on a DRAFT Policy Statement: Advanced environmental offsets under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).  This Policy provides guidance on how the Australian Government uses advanced offsets. 

There is more involved in establishing an advanced offset than simply locking up an area of land and then trading it in for a project down the track. The advanced offset must show a conservation benefit over and above what would be expected had the land continued to be used for its historical purpose. That is, the land must be managed for a conservation benefit such as


  • Removal or control of threatening processes (e.g. weeds, pest animals, inappropriate fire regimes)
  • Natural regeneration and active revegetation (e.g. planting of tubestock and direct seeding)
  • Repairing eroding stream banks and gullies
  • Re-establishing wildlife linkages across the landscape'.

A key requirement for an advanced offset
is for proponents to demonstrate additionality, or land management actions undertaken on the offset that are additional to a 'business as usual' approach to land management. The points above could be considered additional to legislative requirements and therefore show additionality.

Advanced offsets are an opportunity for proponents to secure an offset in advance of likely or potential project impacts. We have extensive experience assisting proponents with locating (we have a large database of available offset sites), securing and managing offsets under the EPBC Act.  We have managed over 200 offset projects for a range of government and private clients, and are in a position to reduce project delays and costs by facilitating the environmental offsets process, including under the advanced offsets regime.

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