East Gippsland Rainforests

Search for the endangered Orange-blossom Orchid Sarcochilus falcatus

The remote lowland rainforests of East Gippsland, Victoria are home to the endangered and exceedingly beautiful Orange-blossom Orchid Sarcochilus falcatus. Late last year, Marc Freestone, one of Ecology and Heritage Partners’ botanists went in search of this elusive plant.

While Orange-blossom Orchid is widespread throughout New South Wales and Queensland, in Victoria the species is currently only known from one location in far East Gippsland.  A victim of land clearing and poaching in the past, the increased intensity and frequency of bushfires are now a major threat to the species.

Through preliminary desktop research Marc identified that less than 50% of lowland Warm-temperate Rainforest in East Gippsland has been adequately surveyed by botanists, and set out to visit several of the larger unsurveyed rainforest patches.

Although no new populations of Orange-blossom Orchid were discovered, populations of several other rare flora species were identified. Marc has plans to continue these searches through East Gippsland with the aim of locating additional populations of threatened species through this beautiful part of Victoria.

Orange Blossom orchid
Source: Marc Freestone

For further information on the targeted threatened flora surveys that we have been undertaking throughout East Gippsland (Victoria) and around the Country please contact us on 03 9377 0100 or email

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