Ecological risk mitigation for the Wind Industry, lessons learnt

Clean Energy Council's Wind Industry Forum

Ecology and Heritage Partners | Clio Gates Foale (left) and Aaron Organ (right) presenting at the Wind Industry Forum to captive audience of over 200 delegates
Clio Gates Foale (left) and Aaron Organ (right) presenting at the Wind Industry Forum to captive audience of over 200 delegates

More than 200 delegates in the wind energy industry came together last week (26th March, Zinc Melbourne) for the annual Clean Energy Council’s Wind Industry Forum.  As one of the plenary session presenters, we were delighted to share our knowledge and experiences with a presentation titled, Ecological risk mitigation for the Australian Wind Industry – Lesson learnt over the past 10 years.


Ecology and Heritage Partners staff have been involved with the ecological and cultural heritage assessment, planning and approvals for over 40 wind farm projects across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, ACT and Tasmania for many years.  Clio Gates Foale, Senior Ecologist and presenter, explained how:

the industry has been subject to a range of unique policies and planning controls requiring innovative problem-solving and ecological risk mitigation solutions. Often covering large land areas, wind farm developments straddle the issues associated with large-scale projects, along with the unique challenges presented by linear infrastructure'.

She discussed the importance of identifying the ecological opportunities and constraints in the planning and approval process of wind farms


Both Clio and Aaron Organ (Director / Principal Ecologist) delivered the presentation and shared their experiences associated with the wind farm developments through project case studies they have both been involved in, to a very receptive audience.  The case studies focussed on:

  • The ecological considerations and project risks often encountered during the assessment and approval stages of wind farm projects;
  • How our specialist team identify project risks, and how we provide a framework around managing these risks/issues;
  • The flow-on effects to project approvals and delivery; and
  • Associated project costs.

You can view our presentation below.

Our highly experienced consultants have worked on a large number of projects across south eastern Australia for many years, and are currently working collaboratively with proponents during the design and planning stages of their projects.  We are also highly regarded by our clients and various Commonwealth and State regulatory agencies in providing post approval monitoring, compliance and auditing services during the construction, operation and maintenance phases of projects. 

If you have any questions or would like further information on how we can support you on your project(s) contact us on 03 9377 0100 or


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