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Aboriginal and Historical Cultural Heritage Assessments

Hansen Partnership commissioned us to provide a broad-scale desktop study of Aboriginal and Historical cultural heritage site types and site locations along the length of Werribee River within the Melton and Werribee regions, Victoria. 


  • To provide  a series of alignment options for a proposed shared trail along the upper reaches of the Werribee River

Project stages

  • Stage 1: Data Gathering
  • Stage 2: Data processing
  • Consultation with client

Stage 1: Data gathering

This involved intensive background research using Aboriginal Affairs Victoria’s ACHRIS database system as and additional sources including the State Library database, the Melton and Werribee Historical Society resources, Heritage Victoria’s Hermes database as well as oral historical information from the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP), the RAP applicants and Traditional Owner groups.

Stage 2: Data processing

This involved the creation of a map series covering the entire length of the Werribee River with all known Aboriginal and historical heritage sites overlaying it. 

Where data was lacking between sites, a gap analysis was undertaken which assessed for the likelihood of Aboriginal and historical heritage sites to be present in these areas. 

The gap analysis
identified the landforms of areas where no study had been undertaken and extrapolated data from similar landforms along the length of the river where sites had been identified to develop a series of expectations for those areas.

Stage 3: Consultation

Our Cultural Heritage Consultants undertook intensive meetings with the client and councillors of Wyndham City Council and Melton Shire Council to discuss preferred trail alignments. 

This component of the project provided a constraints analysis.  This enabled both councils to devise a series of firm preferred alignments that limited impact to the cultural heritage values along the length of the river.

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