Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Projects

Merrifield West Precinct Structure Plan

Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)

Our Cultural Heritage Consultants were commissioned by MAB Corporation (Merrifield Corporation) and Evolve Development to undertake a complex CHMP as part of the future residential and commercial development in Mickleham (Merrifield Precinct Structure Plan area), Victoria. 


  • To determine the nature, extent and significance of diffuse surface artefacts
  • To identify and record subsurface archaeological deposits

Using a combination of manual and mechanical excavation techniques the archaeological field team successfully identified a number of discrete surface artefacts as well as a broad sample of sensitive geomorphic landforms that were deemed likely to contain in situ archaeological deposits. 

The complex assessment component of the project targeted these landforms in order to determine whether they contained a subsurface archaeological component.  Several archaeological sites were identified within the sensitive landform sample; the largest site identified contained over 1100 subsurface artefacts. 


  • MAB Corporation was able to avoid impacts to this site by incorporating the area into open passive space
  • A diverse range of additional sites were identified, including three scarred trees (two proposed shield trees and one proposed coolamon tree). All three trees were protected as part of the management recommendations of the CHMP in a tree protection zone (TPZ). 
  • The Merrifield West cultural heritage study facilitated an understanding of Aboriginal land use patterns across a large (700ha) area. 
  • Results of the study provided clear evidence of intensive site use at specific locations and extensive gathering of aquatic resources along Kalkallo Creek and the former Kalkallo Swamp.

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