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Cobram Pipeline

Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)

A complex CHMP for a 660 metre long pipeline along the Murray River for Goulburn Murray Co-operation was prepared by our Cultural Heritage Consultants.  Our multi-disciplinary team of Cultural Heritage Advisors, Archaeologists and Ecologists provided information on the cultural heritage and ecological values within the subject area.

Benefit of a combined cultural heritage and ecological assessment

This multi-disciplinary approach facilitated an undivided assessment of Aboriginal cultural heritage in the context of available flora (e.g. edible/medicinal plants) and fauna (terrestrial and aquatic animal species), that may have been exploited as part of Aboriginal subsistence requirements at a local scale.



While no cultural heritage sites were identified, a comprehensive Geomorphic Report was prepared.

The Geomorphic Report explained why there was a low likelihood of cultural heritage sites within the activity area.  It was anticipated that any cultural heritage material that may have been present in the activity area was either inundated and borne away or overlain with successive sediment-rich flood waters and buried at great depth.

The Cobram Pipeline CHMP
is a good example of how a multi-disciplinary assessment provided a complete understanding of the natural processes that are at work within a given area. 

  • The cultural heritage study assessed evidence of Aboriginal occupation of the area
  • The ecological assessment provided a framework for identifying potential resources that would have been available for Aboriginal people in the past
  • The geomorphic assessment provided a determination of the lack of an Aboriginal archaeological signature within the activity area

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