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Heritage-listed Deanside Woolshed Complex

Historical Heritage Assessment

Woolshed Deanside

The State heritage-listed Deanside Woolshed Complex was the site of W.J.T. (‘Big’) Clarke’s Rockbank Headstation.

It was the site of the main station for the massive Rockbank Estate, one the major pastoral estates of the mid- to late-19th century.

The site is reminiscent of the vast pastoral lands west of Melbourne, prior to its breakup into smaller farms under the Closer Settlement Scheme early last century.

The Assessment

The Historical Heritage Assessment conducted for the Metropolitan Planning Authority included a detailed historical overview of the property to provide a contextual background for a historical and archaeological survey and recording.

In addition to the existing heritage listing (Victorian Heritage Register), two previously unrecorded archaeological sites were identified and mapped. The archaeological sites were the former mansion used by the Clarke family when visiting Rockbank, and the residence of the former farm manager.

The assessment also included a revise statement of significance, and management recommendations to guide future development of the site in line with urban growth imperatives, as well as the historical heritage significance of the place. 


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