Historical Heritage Projects

Goolwa Maritime Heritage Assessment

A Maritime Heritage Assessment was prepared for Alexandra Council (South Australia) by our Heritage Consultants for proposed works along the banks of Lake Alexandrina/River Murray at Goolwa, South Australia.

The study area occurred within 500 metres of the recorded locations of two historic shipwrecks which, under the Development Act (SA), triggered the need for a heritage assessment.

The assessment provided a detailed background review of the two shipwrecks, including an analysis of records of their loss or abandonment, and an assessment of the likelihood of the vessels being present in the study area.  One of the vessels was located, the paddlesteamer [PS] Elizabeth which was lost in 1928 at an unknown location somewhere within the Murray Darling Basin and had possibly been broken up for scrap. The second vessel, the barge Maid of the Murray may occur in the study area but was unlikely to be impacted by the proposed works.

Council received a detailed description of what the remains, if present, would look like, so that if any historical fabric was found, it could be compared and identified as a historic shipwreck.

The archaeological remains of some of the former wells and other features are still present on site, although have suffered severe impact from wind and sea erosion.  The assessment included analysis of historical maps and plans to identify where the likely remains of historical buildings would lie.  A previously unrecorded brick well was identified in the cliff face.


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