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Detailed ecological assessments prepared for Kilmore-Wallan Bypass

Kilmore-Wallan Bypass Project

A flora, fauna and Net Gain assessment (Ecological Assessments and Research) of multiple alignment options for the proposed Kilmore-Wallan Bypass project was undertaken for VicRoads.  The assessments were required as part of the Environment Effects Statement (EES) to identify any species or vegetation communities of conservation significance, to record any potential areas of indigenous vegetation that may have Net Gain implications within the study area, and to provide advice in relation to potential impacts and mitigation measures associated with the project.

Kilmore-Wallan Bypass study area

The evaluation objectives outlined in the EES Scoping Requirements related to biodiversity and habitat were addressed, including the objective “to avoid or minimise effects on native vegetation, and listed flora and fauna species and ecological communities (particularly those listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999), and 'opportunities for offsetting potential losses consistent with relevant policy”.

With the avoidance and minimisation measures applied at the design phase of the project, and with the implementation of recommended mitigation measures, the residual impacts were significantly reduced. 

The alignment options were progressively refined, to minimise impacts to remnant native vegetation, along with threatened flora and fauna species listed under the EPBC Act and State Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

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