Major Projects

Management Statements for 15 Regional Parks

With a focus on key values and issues of each park

Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) commissioned Ecology and Heritage Partners to prepare Management Statements for 15 Regional Parks throughout Queensland.

Regional Parks are protected areas that have an emphasis on recreation pursuits and tourism activities, whilst ensuring the protection of significant natural and cultural heritage values.  These areas were previously called Resource Reserves or Conservation Parks, and the Management Statements differ from Management Plans as they provide a more concise description of management intent for protected areas and are used to efficiently provide management guidance for protected areas.

The 15 Management Statements prepared for our client are supported by a Background Information document, and focus on the key values and threatening processes / issues at each park.  The statements also take into consideration publicly available information for the area, combined with the results of interviews that our staff conducted with QPWS rangers and other staff. 

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  Mt Glorious in Queensland

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