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Regional Rail Link Project

Regional Rail Link

The Regional Rail Link project is one of the largest rail projects in Australia. It is designed to separate suburban trains from the west from regional trains servicing Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, to increase the rail infrastructure capacity and service reliability. The project is made up of two sections (see visual below):

Section 1     Located along the existing rail corridor in the urbanised environment from Southern Cross Station to Deer Park.
Section 2     Located in a new rail corridor from Deer Park to the west of Werribee.

Map of Regional Rail Link
Map of Regional Rail Link

Ecological work completed

Our team of botanists, zoologists, and aquatic ecologists completed detailed terrestrial and aquatic assessments (including targeted surveys for significant species and ecological communities) for Public Transport Victoria (PTV) over two years.

The assessments were undertaken on Crown land, rail reserves and private property to identify species and ecological communities of conservation significance, and to map (with the assistance of our GIS team) the extent and quality of remnant native vegetation throughout the entire project area (ie. Section 1 and 2). 

Five nationally significant species: Spiny Rice-flower, Matted Flax-lily, Large-headed Fireweed, Striped Legless Lizard and Golden Sun Moth, one nationally listed community (Natural Temperate Grassland of the Victorian Volcanic Plain) and several State significant species were identified during the assessment phase.  

The data obtained from the detailed site surveys was also used to inform Public Transport Victoria of the offsets required for the removal of remnant native vegetation and threatened species habitat.

The offsets will be sourced from the 15,000 hectare Western Grassland Reserve, located outside Melbourne's Urban Growth Boundary, and used as part of land compensation calculations, agreements for individual land holdings along the project area.


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