Major Projects

Rockbank North Precinct Structure Plan

Complex Cultural Heritage Management Plan

Our team of senior Cultural Heritage consultants and archaelogists completed a complex Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the Rockbank North Precinct Structure Plan (PSP). This PSP is for future residential and commercial development in the Rockbank area in Victoria.

Commissioned by Leakes Road Rockbank, the study area was over 770 hectares, made up of archaeologically sensitive landforms such as Kororoit Creek, lakes, swamps, stony rises and undulating lowland plains.

In 2011, our team completed a preliminary cultural heritage assessment, involving an eight day archaeological survey which was completed in consultation with key Aboriginal stakeholders. 

A sample survey of each property and the various landforms contained within was undertaken as the most appropriate sampling strategy to gain a representative sample within the overall archaeological and natural landscape. 

A detailed archaeological subsurface testing program or 'complex assessment' was also undertaken to identify and assess the nature, extent and significance of Aboriginal cultural heritage across the study area, required by the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Significant functional tool types (Aboriginal flaked stone) were present throughout the study area that required further research into intra-site assemblage variability and foundation for interpreting site function.  The variability in the artefact assemblage also provided insights as to what types of past behavioural activities occurred within various parts of the archaeological landscape. 

Given the size, extent and significance of the archaeological landscape within the study area, a stratified archaeological subsurface testing sampling strategy was developed in consultation with the Aboriginal stakeholders, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and Leakes Road Rockbank Pty Ltd.

Whilst the focus was on Aboriginal cultural heritage, the activity area was comprised of numerous historical heritage sites: Rockbank Inn, Rockbank Bridge, Gidney Farm, and other historical archaeological sites and features related to the economic and pastoral development of the Rockbank region requiring additional historical archaeological investigation and impact assessment.  Further consultation was required with Heritage Victoria and the Shire of Melton in relation these sites.

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