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Selection of Queensland Projects

Queensland Project Experience, Ecology

Our Queensland team has a breadth of experience in ecological assessments and environmental management throughout the State, and a selection of our project experience is provided.  Our ecology team has contributed to more than 30 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) projects in Queensland over the past 15 years.

This experience includes:
  • Major water infrastructure projects in south-east and central Queensland;
  • Metaliforous mining projects in NSW and Queensland;
  • Coal mining projects on the Darling Downs and in the Moreton, Bowen and Surat Basins;
  • Coal Seam Gas projects in the Surat, Bowen and Georgina Basins; and
  • Road and rail projects of State significance.

Eungella National Park, North Queensland
Eungella National Park, North Queensland

We recently completed comprehensive field investigations and reports for a proposed development adjacent to a RAMSAR-listed wetland under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). This included assessing the likely and potential impacts of the proposed development on migratory waterbirds.

A comprehensive assessment of impacts against Significant Impact Criteria and Guidelines was completed to provide the client with high quality information as part of their EPBC Act referral to the Commonwealth Department of Environment (DoE).

Threatened Species Management Plans

We have developed management plans for threatened flora and fauna species across several Queensland bioregions.  We have also prepared and implemented a range of threatened species translocations plans and compensatory habitat programs for major projects across Australia.

Ornamental Snake Denisonia maculata
Threatened Fauna Management plans were prepared for a major coal mine in the Galilee Basin. This included species such as the Ornamental Snake Denisonia maculata and the Southern Black-throated Finch Peophila cincta cincta.  We developed management plans to meet client obligations under the Commonwealth EPBC Act, and  established an ongoing management and monitoring process to mitigate and avoid impacts on threatened fauna (whilst facilitating the operational requirements of the project).

Urban Residential Developments

A large number of ecological assessments and Bushfire Management Plans have been completed for urban developers (residential, commercial and industrial) and their consultants across south-eastern Queensland.  These assessments have been completed on a range of projects from single lot developments to large subdivisions.  We have a comprehensive understanding of Commonwealth and State legislation, State policies and Local Government Planning Schemes, and this allows us to provide a high level of certainty in our advice to clients.

We recently completed an integrated Bushfire Management Plan and Ecological Assessment for a complex site in Redland City which demonstrated our capacity for problem solving. We developed a Bushfire Management Plan that maximised the safety of future residents whilst minimising the extent of proposed clearing of remnant native vegetation in accordance with Planning Scheme Overlays.

Biodiversity Offsets

Biodiversity offsets are an integral component of the majority of development projects in Queensland.  We have recently investigated the offset requirements for coal projects in central Queensland under the Queensland Biodiversity Offsets Policy 2011 and the Commonwealth Environmental Offsets Policy 2012. 

A planned coal mine expansion in Central Queensland required an assessment of impacts and provision of options for land-based offsets.  We completed Ecological Equivalence surveys over the impact site and multiple offset areas in accordance with prescribed methodologies. Several options were then provided to the client who was able to secure offsets for their project.

Our staff also worked extensively with the EPBC Act offsets calculator and developed a scientifically rigorous methodology that underpins the process of data inputs to the calculator. Most recently our methodology and calculator outputs were accepted by the Commonwealth DoE on a major coal project in the Gallilee Basin.

Parakeelya Calandrinia balonensis - Simpson Desert
Parakeelya Calandrinia balonensis - Simpson Desert

Electricity Infrastructure

We have undertaken a large number of ecological assessments, and prepared Environmental Management Plans for Powerlink, Energex and Ergon Energy in Queensland.  Our breadth of experience spans projects across the entire generation and distribution spectrum, including coal and gas fired power stations, 275Kv, 132kV and 11Kv powerline projects and associated substations.

We have completed targeted significant flora (e.g. Ooline Cadelia pentastylis) and fauna (e.g. Yakka skink Egernia rugosa) surveys to inform clearing profiles and assessment of alignment options for multiple projects in recent years.

Squatter Pigeon Geophaps scripta
Squatter Pigeon Geophaps scripta

Strategy Development

Our staff played a key role in the development of a number of landmark strategy documents in South-east Queensland, including the Gold Coast Nature Conservation Strategy Review, Ipswich Nature Conservation Strategy and RAAF Amberley Wildlife Management Strategy .

Further afield, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) in Victoria commissioned us to prepare technical details and guidelines for a Sub-regional Strategy (SRS) for the nationally threatened Growling Grass Frog Litoria raniformis to meet the requirements of the Melbourne Strategic Assessment Program, under the Commonwealth EPBC Act.


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