Major Projects

Vegetation condition assessments conducted throughout Victoria

Following the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria (7 February 2009), the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission (VBRC) highlighted the need for an improved understanding of both bushfire hazard and the potential effects of bushfires to biodiversity across the state of Victoria, in order to better manage bushfire risk and associated impacts.

In response to this challenge, the Department of Environment and Primary Industry (DEPI) commenced a number of large-scale Vegetation Condition Assessment projects across Victoria, on both public and private land to gather data on the structure and condition of vegetation, particularly in under-sampled areas, in order to complement and improve existing vegetation datasets. 

The datasets have been used to better inform fire hazard mapping and assist in the future design and implementation of carefully considered prescribed or fuel reduction burns.

Our staff worked closely with DEPI throughout the lifetime of these projects (between 2010 and 2012) successfully completing approximately 1,900 quadrats within the central-west, south-west and north-west areas of the state. 

As an additional arm of the VBRC inquiry, our team of Botanists also worked with DEPI conducting targeted surveys for rare and threatened flora species throughout north-east Victoria. This work resulted in the compilation of more than 300 new records for approximately 50 threatened flora species.

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