Major Projects

Victorian Desalination Plant Project

Detailed Terrestrial and Aquatic Flora and Fauna Investigations

Detailed ecological investigations and monitoring requirements (along both the approved utilities alignment and plant site) during the commissioning stages of the State significant Victorian Desalination Plant Project were undertaken by Ecology and Heritage Partners Ecological consultants in partnership with the Thiess Degrémont Joint Venture. 

Our team of terrestrial and aquatic ecologists worked with Thiess Degrémont Joint Venture and Nacap for over 2 years and the work was undertaken in accordance with the various Management Plans approved by the Commonwealth Department of Environment, Water, Population and Communities and The Department of Environment and Primary Industries to ensure project compliance.
The following project reports were prepared:
  • Threatened flora salvage and translocation management plan;
  • Terrestrial fauna species and habitat survey, along with salvage and translocation procedures;
  • Bio-security wash-down procedures and pre-construction weed mapping procedures;
  • Conservation Management Plan; and
  • Detailed protocols/procedures for water quality and sedimentation monitoring, together with macroinvertebrate sampling.

Ecology and Heritage Partners consultants were responsible for the:
  • Pre-construction surveys for Weeds of National Significance, and environmental weeds;
  • Targeted pre-construction surveys for threatened flora species;
  • Targeted pre-construction surveys for threatened terrestrial and aquatic fauna species;
  • Water quality, sedimentation and macro-invertebrate sampling of waterways; and
  • Salvage of terrestrial and aquatic fauna during clear and grade, and construction.

All relevant ecological reporting to the satisfaction of the regulatory agencies were prepared, and the team also worked with the Joint Venture and Deakin University on the Hooded Plover Research Project.

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