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Detailed terrestrial and aquatic ecological investigations for WIM150 - Mineral Sands Project

Environment Effects Statement

Australian Zircon NL sought to develop the WIM150 Mineral Sands deposit, located in the Wimmera region of western Victoria.  Ecology and Heritage Partners was engaged by Coffey Environments Pty Ltd (on behalf of Australian Zircon NL) to undertake detailed terrestrial and aquatic ecological investigations as part of the project’s Environment Effects Statement and bankable feasibility study.

The investigations undertaken involved an extensive literature search and detailed field assessments (including targeted surveys for significant flora and fauna species) over the past two years to identify aquatic and terrestrial values across the 13,000 hectare study area. Values recorded include:

  • 147 fauna species and 230 flora species, including 18 state significant species
  • 199 hectares of remnant native vegetation comprising eight Ecological Vegetation Classes and more than 3000 remnant scattered trees
  • Vegetation that meets the criteria for the nationally significant Grey Box (Eucalyptus microcarpa) Grassy Woodlands and Derived Native Grasslands of South-Eastern Australia and Buloke Woodlands of the Riverina and Murray Darling Depression Bioregions vegetation communities;

 Further targeted surveys were prepared for the 2013/14 summer survey season, prior to finalisation of the Environment Effects Statement.

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