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Revegetation advice for creek diversion in Queensland

Revegetation and Vegetation Management Plan

Ecology and Heritage Partners assisted Beca with specialist revegetation advice on a proposed creek diversion in central Queensland.  The creek is proposed to be diverted around the proposed mining area to access the coal resource.

The diversion has been designed in accordance with the Queensland Guideline: Works that interfere with water in a watercourse—watercourse diversions. Under the Guidelines the diversion must be revegetated with similar natural communities as creeks within the local area.

A Revegetation and Vegetation Management Plan (a Revegetation Plan) to support the Design Plan for the creek diversion was prepared and included

- A description of the proposed vegetation communities adopted within the diversion footprint including the adjoining floodplain;
- Site preparation and planting techniques to promote vegetation including retention and reuse of topsoil and measures to mitigate adverse substrate characteristics;
- The management of vegetation to reduce the impact of weeds, cattle grazing and soil erosion; and
- A self-sustaining trajectory pathway for revegetation of disturbed surfaces and anticipated cover levels during mine life to achieve required hydraulic criteria.

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