Terrestrial Ecology Projects

Ben More Wind Farm

Photo: Wind turbine

Detailed ecological investigations

Transfield Corporation commissioned us to prepare detailed ecological investigations for a turbine wind farm in central Victoria. This project involved preliminary flora and fauna assessments as part of a feasibility analysis for a proposed 20-40 turbine wind farm in central Victoria. 

Botanical surveys were undertaken to document flora species and vegetation communities across the study area, while higher level constraints mapping was completed during the field surveys. 

Detailed bird utilisation were also undertaken in accordance with the minimum survey requirements and included recording the species observed, the number of individuals, and height and direction of bird flight.  A detailed analysis of the data was then completed to determine the overall bird mortality risk (i.e. turbine collision risk) based on the total number of turbines and their configuration across the site.  Detailed bat surveys and targeted surveys for significant species were also undertaken across the study area.



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