Terrestrial Ecology Projects

Sites of Biodiversity Significance

Several ecological surveys were undertaken by our specialist ecologists over five Sites of Biodiversity Significance (west of Melbourne) for Melbourne Water Corporation.

The surveys involved a thorough literature and databases review to determine the species known to be, or likely to be present at these sites. 

Fauna surveys

The following was undertaken as part of the project:

  • Diurnal and crepuscular bird surveys
  • Nocturnal surveys (spotlighting, call playback) for mammals, birds and amphibians
  • Mapping of Ecological Vegetation Classes and listed Ecological Communities, and targeted surveys for significant species


Targeted surveys

Targeted surveys were also undertaken for the Altona Skipper Butterfly Hesperilla flavipes flavipes (pictured left), and specimens were recorded at two of the surveyed sites.

Outcomes and Benefits

The data provided Melbourne Water Corporation with a comprehensive inventory of ecological values present at all sites to quantify the effectiveness of management actions over time.​

Management recommendations were also provided to ensure the protection of key flora and fauna species, and ecological communities present at each site.


If you require further information regarding the outcomes of our surveys, and/or require assistance on future projects please contact our office on 03 9377 0100 or enquire@ehpartners.com.au

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