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Native Vegetation Mapping, Brimbank City Council, Victoria

Extensive areas mapped for the protection and management of biodiversity

Ecology and Heritage Partners: Riparian Woodland, Kororoit Creek
Riparian Woodland, Kororoit Creek - Ecology and Heritage Partners.

We congratulate Brimbank City Council on their initiative to conduct a thorough inventory of ecological assets in light of the Permitted clearing of native vegetation – Biodiversity assessment guidelines (DELWP 2013), and subsequent offset requirements, and alternative means through the Planning Schemes that offer a layer of protection to listed ecological communities, remnant native vegetation, and significant species.

Brimbank City Council’s Biodiversity Officer commented on the project stating:

'We would like to let you know how pleased we are with your team and the work they have put into this project. The data is of a great standard, Matt and the rest of the team have been really responsive to our feedback and their comments/observations have been much appreciated. The work has already been a fantastic tool for our staff to check and provide feedback on internal/external projects.

We can see how the data will help to form a layer of local data and therefore a picture of local government managed biodiversity for the region and will encourage other councils to undertake the same type of assessment. In this aim we are more than happy for our data to be used to demonstrate what can be done to other municipalities'.

The extensive mapping project covered over 103 sites and recorded 934 patches, representative of 10 Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs), with a combined area of approximately 314 hectares.

Approximately 50 variables of attribute data was collected for each patch, including site history and management, landscape position, connectivity, vegetation type, structure, and cover of weeds etc.

More than 45,000 data attributed entries were analysed and providing the Council with a framework for long-term monitoring of its ecological assets.  It has also provided a platform for the prioritisation of protection and management actions to maintain and improve the condition of existing remnant vegetation and threatened species habitat.   


Interested in the outcomes of our surveys, and/or require assistance on native vegetation mapping?  Contact us on 03 9377 0100 or enquire@ehpartners.com.au

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