Aboriginal Heritage Services

Compliance and Auditing

Ensuring industry complies with cultural heritage legislation is fundamental for the protection and management of aboriginal cultural heritage. We regularly undertake compliance audits to determine whether a project or action has been, or continues to be undertaken in accordance with legislation and government policy, and regulatory approval conditions.

With a strong interest in the practical implementation of Aboriginal cultural heritage protection measures, we offer a compliance and auditing service to ensure projects, and land use and management activities comply with necessary regulatory standards and requirements.

Our cultural heritage advisors and archaeologists are involved in various compliance and audit projects, including the review and reporting against approved management plans (eg. Cultural Heritage Management Plans) by government agencies.


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  • Compliance Audits
  • Cultural Heritage Monitoring
  • Cultural Heritage Review, Benchmarking and Performance Management
  • Management Plan Implementation
  • Monitoring Inspections
  • Referral and Planning Permit Conditions Implementation


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