Aboriginal Heritage Services

Consultation and Education

We understand Aboriginal cultural heritage through oral history and traditions, documentary records (written, pictorial and archival), and other material manifestations of human interaction with the environment.

Strong stakeholder relationships

The key to successful management of cultural heritage values is the development of strong relationships between clients, consultants and Aboriginal communities.

We seek to develop an environment of mutual respect and trust between our clients and Aboriginal communities at all times. 

The complexity of developing and maintaining strong relations between diverse stakeholders requires a dedicated approach, in addition to, well trained personnel experienced in open and ethical consultation.

With this at the forefront of our minds, we are well placed to connect and build with existing communities which is critical to providing accurate advice for clients on a range of projects across Australia.


For further information, assistance and advice contact us on 1300 839 325 or enquire@ehpartners.com.au


  • Consultation with Regulatory Authorities, Clients, Landowners, Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs), Native Title Holders and Traditional Owner Groups
  • Cultural Heritage Awareness and Information Sessions
    • Presentations and Workshops
    • Presentations on Results of Management Plans, Archaeological Data and Significance Assessments


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