Aquatic Ecology Services

Planning and Approvals

Aquatic ecosystems are implicated in any project that directly or indirectly impacts environments where water occurs. Therefore it is important to ensure aquatic biodiversity obligations are understood and implemented to satisfy Commonwealth and State government legislation.

Our services include:

  • Professional input to assist in the determination of aquatic values along waterways and wetlands, including significant species and listed communities, and where an assessment of the likely or potential impacts to aquatic habitats are required 
  • Preparation of referrals  under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)
  • Expert witness statements
  • Representation in Administrative Appeals Tribunals, eg. VCAT
  • Independent advice during the design, planning, development and operational phases of projects (eg. where potential and sometimes controversial impacts to aquatic values have been identified)
  • Advice on how a particular project is to comply with relevant environmental legislation and policy throughout Australia.

Strong working relationships

We maintain excellent working relationships with the following key stakeholders, which assists with effective communication throughout all stages of a project, and facilitates the assessment and approvals process.

  • Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
  • State Government agencies
  • Catchment Management Authorities
  • Water Authorities
  • Road Authorities
  • Local Councils


For further information, assistance and advice contact us on 1300 839 325 or


  • Development Services Scheme Planning and Advice
  • Environmental Effects Statements / Environmental Impact Assessments
  • EPBC Act Referral Preparation and Approvals
  • Expert Advice on Relevant Legislation and Policy
  • Expert Evidence (Appeals Tribunals / Panel Hearings)
  • Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
  • Preliminary Planning / Due Diligence
  • Statutory and Strategic Land Use Planning and Impact Assessment
  • Wetland and Waterway Planning and Design


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