Aquatic Ecology Services

Waterway and Wetland Management

Waterways and wetlands are a key resource requiring management and maintenance.  Improving the health of our waterways is a major challenge facing developers and land managers alike. 

Sustainability and the protection of biological diversity are increasingly important, as overall habitat quality and biodiversity have declined dramatically in recent times as a result of historic and current land use practices and threatening processes.

Management and restoration of aquatic habitats

The management and restoration of aquatic habitats aims to protect and enhance these systems, and to avoid or minimise the threats associated with land development or human disturbance. 

By measuring the condition of aquatic systems we can establish the severity of any detrimental impacts and threats, and develop land management strategies and restoration efforts to reverse the degradation to aquatic ecosystems.

Specialist advice and technical services in aquatic ecology

Our Aquatic Ecologists have extensive experience in the development of:

>strategic and environmental management plans 
>preparation and implementation of threatened and invasive species management plans
>species salvage, translocation and monitoring plans


For further information, assistance and advice contact us on 9377 0100 or


  • Aquatic Environmental Management Plans
  • Aquatic Pest Plant and Animal Management
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Detailed Aquatic Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Development of Waterway and Wetland Management Plans
  • Floodplain, Riparian and Riverine Monitoring, Management and Enhancement
  • Salvage and Translocation Plans
  • Strategic Planning for Waterways and Catchments 
  • Threatened Species Management


Waterway and Wetland Management
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