Built Heritage Services

Conservation Management

Careful management of heritage places within the constraints and opportunities defined by the places’ heritage significance is a key responsibility for all owners and/or occupiers of heritage places. A predefined plan of how a heritage place can be used, altered and maintained is an essential tool for ensuring the key heritage values of a heritage place are not compromised, and for ensuring that the legislative implications relating to negative impacts are avoided. Conservation management means that the potential implications are considered in detail with practical, viable and sensible strategies and management recommendations defined.

Our consultants provide support to a range of clients who require advice relating to the conservation and restoration of significant heritage places, or who are wanting to undertake sensitive and compatible urban renewable/redevelopment.


For further information, assistance and advice contact us on 1300 839 325  or enquire@ehpartners.com.au


  • Heritage Management Advice
  • Preparation of Conservation Management Plans
  • Preparation of Heritage Impact Statements


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