Bushfire Assessment and Management Services

Hazard Assessments and Mapping

Our specialist team undertakes bushfire hazard assessments and mapping throughout Australia. We provides advice in relation to bushfire risk and biodiversity conservation to a range of private clients and government agencies.

Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission (VBRC)

The VBRC in 2011 highlighted the need for an improved understanding of bushfire hazard and biodiversity information to assist in determining an appropriate balance between bushfire risk mitigation measures and ecological impacts.

As a result of the VBRC, a new state-wide bushfire hazard map with detailed vegetation and biodiversity mapping for targeted high risk and high priority areas was prepared. 


Our team of Botanists worked with the Department of Sustainability and the Environment (DSE) over two year period to undertake over 1000 fine scale native vegetation condition assessments (vegetation quadrats), together with bushfire hazard assessments (across the state).

Objective: Identify the different levels of bushfire hazard at a state-wide scale and the different responses that the planning systems will implement.

Outcomes: This data collected used to model vegetation and condition, and to inform fire hazard mapping across the state. The data assists in development of bushfire management plans and the conservation of biodiversity.

Image of grass post bushfireEcology and Heritage staff with computer in the field collecting data post bushfire
Ecology and Heritage Partners staff in the field collecting data to inform fire hazard mapping for DSE


For further information, assistance and advice contact us on 9377 0100 or enquire@ehpartners.com.au


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