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Historical heritage refers to sites that have occurred as a result of the arrival of European people. It covers places where historically a range of activities were undertaken by European people such as mining, pastoralism, agriculture, commerce and community development. 

Historical heritage is protected under relevant legislation and our experienced consultants regularly assist clients as part of the approval process by identifying sites and providing advice on measures to protect and promote (e.g. through interpretation) of important sites. 

For example, in Victoria, historical heritage is protected under the Heritage Act 2017 and all historical archaeological sites older than 50 years are protected regardless of whether they have been previously recorded or not. 

An important prerequisite prior to any development is a determination of whether impacts to registered or potential heritage places will occur. 

Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)

When an archaeological survey is undertaken in Victoria eg. for a Cultural Heritage Management Plan, Heritage Victoria (HV) requires a survey notification and a report be prepared for historical archaeological heritage. 

Our services are known to reduced client project timelines and costs through our:

  • large team of experienced heritage consultants, and established internal systems and processes
  • rapid assessment of historical sites across a large geographical area
  • close working relationships with other experts (e.g. historians) and government agencies
  • integrated approach to the recording and documentation of historical archaeological heritage and aboriginal cultural heritage
  • proven ability to work effectively with clients and relevant agencies to achieve desired development and conservation outcomes.



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  • Artefact Analysis
  • Background Research
  • Due Diligence and Desktop Assessment
  • Expert Witness
  • Heritage Impact Assessments
  • Heritage Regulation and Compliance
  • Historical Archaeological Surveys and Excavations
  • Peer Review
  • Significance Assessment


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