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Excavation - Historical Heritage

Why excavate historical archaeological sites?

The purpose of excavating historical archaeological sites is in an effort to gain important site information that cannot be obtained by other means (ie. from historical research or site survey). 

Excavation needs to be undertaken delicately as the information can only be obtained once and it is important that any artefacts and other material are recorded in situ. 


Our team of specialist archaeologists:

  • undertake well-considered research design
  • provide assessment and recording, which are essential to maximise the amount of historical information from the site during the excavation process 
  • Present the results of our field excavations in clear and concise reports and/or management plans 
  • Advise clients on the importance of our findings associated with their site or project.


For further information, assistance and advice with excavating historical archaeological sites contact us on 1300 839 325 or enquire@ehpartners.com.au


  • Artefact Conservation and Recording
  • Artefact Management
  • Excavation Methodology
  • Research Design and Approvals
  • Site and Artefact Analysis
  • Site Interpretation  
  • Site Recording


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