Historical Heritage Services

Site Recording

An important component of archaeological surveys is the accurate recording of historical heritage sites. These records are often the only opportunity to obtain essential historical information prior to a site being disturbed by development. Methodical and accurate recording of the sites contribute a wealth of information to the historical heritage of Australia.

We work with clients on a diversity of projects that require accurate recording of historical heritage sites, and once completed this important information provides our clients with an understanding of the key heritage values, their sensitivities, the significance of impacts on these values, and any implications under relevant legislation and state government policy applicable to their development/action.  We have established, and continue to develop a substantial internal database of historical heritage sites where we are in a position to rapidly respond to client requests to determine whether any historical sites are present on their properties / project areas and, if present, how to manage these sites.


    • Archival Quality and Photography
    • Consultation with Government Agencies and Stakeholders
    • Preparation of Site Cards
    • Scaled Section Drawings and Plans
    • Site Recording and Photography


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