Historical Archaeology

Historical Archaeology

Melbourne is experiencing a boom in planning approvals for residential and commercial towers. With this comes heritage restraints for developing heritage inventory listed archaeological sites protected under the Heritage Act 1995.

We are experienced in getting developers and architects heritage Consents and Permits approved by Heritage Victoria to assist in a smooth planning approval process. Our historical archaeologists and cultural heritage advisors, are leaders in the management of historical archaeology and assisting in gaining tower and apartment planning approvals in inner Melbourne.

We work closely with Heritage Victoria to gain the best outcomes for the archaeology and development. After all, we are vested in the built future of Melbourne while salvaging information about our past.


Contact our specialist staff for advice on maritime heritage sites around the country on 1300 839 325 or enquire@ehpartners.com.au


      • Heritage Consent or Permit for Planning Approvals
      • Due Diligence Assessments
      • Sub-surface testing to access underground heritage (presence or absence)
      • Archaeology - Detailed excavation in consultation with Heritage Victoria
      • Application for Consent to Disturb
      • Artefact Analysis and Monitoring
      • Detailed Reports - Publish Findings


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