Terrestrial Ecology Services

Native Vegetation and Environmental Offsets

Native vegetation and environmental offsets have been used as measures to compensate for environmental impacts that cannot be adequately reduced through impact avoidance or mitigation.

Our experience, local knowledge, established contacts and ability to identify suitable sites, rapidly secure them to comply with approval conditions and management of sites for clients, can assist you
to achieve:

  • Long-term conservation outcomes for threatened species and ecological communities
  • Increase connectivity across the landscape
  • Build ecosystem resilience to climate change and protect essential ecosystem services
  • Flexibility for proponents seeking to undertake an action that will have unavoidable environmental impacts

Over-the-Counter Offset Broker

In Victoria we are the one of the few organisations accredited by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to do both site assessments and Over-the-Counter offset brokering (OTC). Our services include:

  • Calculating offset obligations - to meet Victoria's Permitted clearing of native vegetation – Biodiversity Assessment Guidelines (the Guidelines)
  • Securing sites to generate offset credits
  • Sourcing suitable credits to meet offset obligations
  • Brokering credits between credit owners and permit holders

Our approach is unique in that we develop offset strategies that are proactive, project specific and complimentary to project outcomes. Where possible we aim to find cost and time savings and at all times minimise risks to the success of a project. 


If you would like to discuss your project, obtain a quote or discuss the offset process, contact our offsets team on 1300 839 325 or offsets@ehpartners.com.au


  • Carbon Offsets (Bio-Sequestration)
  • Drafting Offset Credit Agreements
  • Ecological Equivalence Assessments (Qld)
  • EPBC Act Offsets (Listed Species and Ecological Communities)
  • Management of Offset Sites
  • Native Vegetation Offsets (Vic)
  • NSW BioBanking
  • Offset Cost Analysis
  • Offset Identification and Negotiation
  • Offset Management Strategies / Plans
  • Policy Development
  • Project Offset Analysis


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