Staff Stories

As a privately-owned environmental consultancy, we recognise that people are our most valuable asset. We make professional growth a priority, multi-disciplinary teamwork essential and high levels of staff satisfaction a measurement of company success.



Cultural Heritage Team Leader/Senior Heritage Advisor

"I love the opportunities offered at Ecology and Heritage Partners and the friendly environment, there’s a real sense of being part of a team. I appreciate the chance to attend industry events and the focus on professional development; I’m constantly being given the opportunity to grow my expertise and the company’s project diversity truly allows this.

"Another plus is that the company culture is very professional with the team striving to excel. Staff are treated with great respect; safety is a priority and working to the highest standards is just standard practice. I’ve now been promoted to team leader and have a clear career path ahead of me."



Senior Heritage Advisor/Archaeologist

"In the five years I have spent working with Ecology and Heritage Partners I have had the chance to manage a diverse range of projects, including Aboriginal cultural heritage, post-contact historical and built heritage projects in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. It is very satisfying to assist a diverse range of clients with their heritage needs and to navigate the complexities of cultural heritage legislation to attain appropriate project outcomes.

My project management skills have grown as a result of the professional development and training that the company has provided. As a senior member of the team, I see it as being important to support and mentor the newer members of staff and share with them the experiences others have passed on to me."


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