Aquatic Ecology

When you are looking for an aquatic ecology specialist, it's good to know they have the capability to assist during all stages of a project; from initial planning and due diligence, to permit and licence applications, to post-approval auditing, monitoring and compliance.

Aquatic Assessments, Research and Monitoring

Our freshwater aquatic ecologists are experienced and proficient in sampling and identification of aquatic mammals, fish, crustaceans, and macroinvertebrates. In particular we are experienced in aquatic assessment and research on several significant aquatic species, including Australian Grayling Prototroctes maraena, Dwarf Galaxias Galaxiella pusilla, Murray Cod Maccullochella peelii peelii, and Yarra Pygmy Perch Nannoperca obscura.

Latest Technology

Using the latest field equipment and laboratory technology, we collect high quality field data across a range of aquatic habitats throughout Australia including estuarine, riverine and wetland habitats. This data enables us to identify macroinvertebrates, often down to species level, and we are accredited in the rapid bioassessment (RBA) protocol and the calculation of macroinvertebrate indices (SIGNAL scores and AUSRIVAS).

Further Information

Download our Aquatic Ecology Capability Statement or talk to the team on 1300 839 325 to discuss your project requirements.


  • Aquatic environmental management plans
  • Aquatic habitat assessments (instream flora, fluvial geomorphology)
  • Aquatic pest plant and animal management
  • Aquatic risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Aquatic surveys (platypus, fish, macroinvertebrates)
  • Biomass and fish passage assessments
  • Conservation management plans
  • Detailed aquatic flora and fauna surveys
  • Development of waterway and wetland management plans
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Floodplain, riparian and riverine monitoring, management and enhancement
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling
  • Salvage and translocation plans
  • Strategic planning for waterways and catchments
  • Threatened species management
  • Water, nutrient, and sediment monitoring and evaluation
  • Waterway condition assessment (rapid bioassessment using AUSRIVAS, SIGNAL, Index of Stream Condition, Index of Wetland Condition)
  • Wetland and riparian condition assessments
  • Wetland hydrology, flow assessment and river restoration


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