Utilities and Pipelines

Utility and pipeline developments bring with them numerous planning, construction and delivery challenges associated with traversing large distances and many jurisdictions. Proponents of these projects rely on excellent project planning, thorough due diligence and expert early planning advice.

Ecology and Heritage Partners collaborate with electricity, gas and telecommunications companies, water corporations, civil and construction contractors, civil engineers, project managers, planning and all levels of government to support the successful completion of linear infrastructure projects.

Early identification of areas of cultural and environmental sensitivity can influence alignments or construction methods. Vegetation offsets may also be identified to mitigate construction impacts and reduce costs, risks and delays.

At short notice, we have the capacity to mobilise large teams of experts, and to assist clients by providing auditing, monitoring and compliance services that support the construction schedule and streamline compliance.

To discuss your project needs, or to learn more about our capabilities and experience with utilities and pipelines, contact the team on 1300 839 325.


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