Geospatial Solutions and Data Management

Highly experienced and specialised GIS (Geographic Information System) specialists are essential to delivering accurate assessments, plans and reports. Our GIS team is known for:

  • High quality, accurate cartographic figures
  • Powerful visual communication tools to enhance project outcomes
  • Tailored spatial data solutions that meet client and government requirements
  • Expert integration of disparate datasets and software platforms
  • Innovative use of technology including mobile mapping, remote sensing and drones.

Spatial Data Management

As an experienced provider of GIS modelling, mapping services and remote sensing, we carefully assess your data and mapping requirements and deliver tailored GIS solutions according to your needs.

We are also well recognised for our experience in data provision for government use and have substantial expertise in developing and implementing government spatial data and management protocols.

Spatial Analysis and Modelling

Our GIS team understands the importance of sound spatial data management from inception of your project up to completion. From the smallest projects to large complex projects, we have extensive experience in the management of spatial data to conform with various government agency requirements and to meet your requirements.

Along with our experience in effectively displaying data visually, our qualified GIS team have the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of spatial data. You will receive audited and well-maintained spatial data and our tailored spatial data directly translates to project solutions.

Cartographic Production

Our deep understanding of cartographic principles and industry specific mapping requirements allows us to deliver high-quality cartographic figures and provide you with powerful visual communication tools.

Software Interoperability

Resolving data inconsistencies and integration issues that arise when working across multiple platforms is one of our strengths. By engaging a GIS team with knowledge of the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Toolset, you will benefit from and ease of integration with other common industry standard platforms such as AutoCAD and MicroStation. Knowledge of how these platforms work within one another enables us to streamline various data delivery platforms that you may have.

Mobile Mapping Technologies

No matter what your project requirements are, our team is experienced at setting up mobile GIS/GPS mapping capabilities for a variety of situations. This has involved establishing ArcPad with customised forms and running customised programs on hand-held PCs (PDAs) to capture GIS data in the field for our consultants.  

Analysing and processing this data is one of our strengths. This includes combining various databases to produce meaningful coverage indices of areas such as vegetation cover and condition, weed infestation, extent of erosion and landforms. We also provide detailed mapping of site locations of significant flora and fauna species. 

Further Information

For more information about how your project can benefit from our geospatial solutions and data management, contact the team on 1300 839 325.


  • Conservation management plans 
  • Cultural heritage sensitivity mapping
  • Data capture and management
  • Design and development of customised mobile mapping solutions
  • ESRI's ArcGIS suite
  • GIS web-mapping applications
  • Habitat design and schematics
  • Landscape plans
  • Processing of disparate datasets
  • Spatial data provision
  • Streamlining field data capture and processing
  • Synthesis of various software and data platforms
  • Threatened species distribution
  • User needs analysis and system design
  • Vegetation mapping


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