Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry in Australia is rapidly expanding within an ever-changing planning and regulatory framework. Advisors who are abreast of the evolving planning requirements of wind farm, solar farm and pumped hydro developments, and able to support the level of sensitive environmental and cultural heritage management required, provide reassurance that successful project outcomes are likely to be achieved.

Ecology and Heritage Partners collaborate on some of the largest clean energy projects in Australia; from site selection and due diligence, to supporting planning applications, gaining relevant approvals and conducting stakeholder engagement, to environmental auditing, monitoring and compliance during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases.

We have successfully delivered more than 50 projects to the renewable energy industry. This experience has enabled our team to acquire considerable knowledge and expertise specific to the needs of the industry. Whether it be a straight-forward project, or a complex development with considerable site constraints, our team provide expert natural and cultural heritage services throughout the life of the development.

Renewable energy development applications require impacts to flora, fauna and heritage to be assessed. We carry out surveys, assessments and management plans to address relevant legislation and policies such as the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, state threatened species and heritage legislation, vegetation clearing controls and conservation planning policies.

Confidence in survey results for both proponents and regulatory authorities is essential. We employ the latest technology and advanced survey methodologies to gather and analyse data in the most efficient and reliable manner.

Early identification and mitigation of ecological and heritage constraints help to minimise delays and costs of approvals leading to better project outcomes. We achieve this by assisting engineering and procurement contractors (EPC), and working closely with design engineers to provide on-site advice regarding the layout of plant, turbines, and the routing of power lines and roads.

As a supplier to the clean energy industry, Ecology and Heritage Partners are committed to staying abreast of the latest policy and industry developments and we are an Associate Member of the Clean Energy Council.

To discuss your project needs, or to learn more about our capabilities and experience in the renewable energy sector, contact the team on 1300 839 325.

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