All levels of government demand a high level of professionalism and expertise from their contractors. After all, they are accountable to the public for expenditure and are required to be as transparent as possible in decision making and delivery of services. Contractors are also expected to have a thorough understanding of relevant legislation and regulations, above standard occupational health, safety, environment and quality assurance systems, and a proven track record in the successful delivery of projects for government.

Ecology and Heritage Partners work with all levels of government. Engagements include infrastructure planning and delivery, environmental protection and water catchment management. We also offer advisory assistance around policy development and regulatory frameworks at a Commonwealth, state and local level.

Our suite of services include research, monitoring, ecological and cultural heritage advice, bushfire management, biodiversity offset planning and brokering, and conservation management planning to name a few.

We have completed many projects in the areas of road and rail development, education, resource management, urban and regional planning, housing, heritage and parks. Recently we have been acting on advisory panels in Victoria regarding updates to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, and native vegetation clearing regulations.

Our work for local councils and authorities is varied and often entails cultural heritage services, vegetation assessments, bushfire management and planning, biodiversity offset advice and brokering associated with planning permits.

To discuss your project needs, or to learn more about our capabilities and experience with government, contact the team on 1300 839 325.


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