Why Join Our Team?

People and Life

We take a people-centred approach to our business. We are open to flexible work arrangements, offer generous leave entitlements and provide compassionate support to staff who are experiencing personal or family difficulties.

Learn and Develop

One of life's biggest challenges is to find balance. Whilst this is more easily said than done, we understand that life balance is important to happiness and delivering your best work; this is why we support and encourage our people to find their own work/life balance.

Continual learning and development are so important to our specialist areas of expertise. Tools, skills and learning opportunities will be made available for you to grow professionally.

Your input into the next stage of your professional development is regularly sought. All staff develop an action plan to strengthen their specialist areas of expertise and add more value to their work.

Recognition and Value

Recognition of successes and a job well done - whether it be big or small - is celebrated and rewarded. The contribution of each person in every facet of the organisation is valued and respected.

We understand that knowing you are making a difference is deeply fulfilling. Our work not only supports clients to achieve the best outcomes for their projects, it also supports the sustainability of Australian natural and cultural heritage.

Health and Enjoyment

We coordinate a range of social activities for staff to take time out and enjoy each other’s company. Our active social club celebrates birthdays, community events and creates fun opportunities to relax.

Maintenance of good physical and mental health is encouraged. We regularly enter teams into fun runs and corporate triathlons that cater to all levels of fitness. Ergonomic adjustments, regular breaks and massages are also encouraged.

Are You an Experienced Specialist?

Ecology and Heritage Partners provides exciting opportunities for experienced professionals looking for a team that offers avenues to consolidate professional growth and career development.

Experience and leadership are highly valued. As we get to know you and the direction you would like to take, we strive to support and help you to get there.

Are You a Graduate?

When you graduate from university and are in the early stages of your career, finding a workplace where you can grow and learn from knowledgeable and experienced team members, and where you can gain a wide variety of experience, is a high priority.

Junior staff are teamed with more experienced team members on projects because we learn best from each other. You also get to expand your knowledge by working on a range of projects in a variety of locations.

If you have career plans, we work with you to develop your pathway and professional growth.


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